The Facts Lifespan and Maintenance

Lifespan and Maintenance

It is vital to look after your willow products and regular treatment can double the lifespan of our products. We recommend that our willow is treated with a 50/50 mix of linseed oil and turpentine twice a year to stop it drying out and degrading. The easiest way to apply this is by employing a simple pump sprayer.

We offer a full maintenance service and will be delighted to discuss options and costs with you, although it is a simple enough job that you may be willing to carry out yourself. We will be happy to advise in either case.

Our fences and products are also repairable, and we can remove and replace sections as required providing the majority of the structure is still in good condition. We recommend that the decorative top line of our fences is replaced after around 5 years as this will protect the rest of the fence and give it a new lease of life!

When looked after we’ve seen our fences last for 20 years or more.

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