Willow Fencing

Our Natural Fencing

There is nothing quite like a Brampton Willows fence. We have been fine-tuning our craft for almost 40 years now and are widely considered the UK’s premium natural fencing company.

Our methods and finish are unique and our fences second to none. Willow is a fantastically versatile material to weave with and our skilled craftspeople can work with you to incorporate unique shapes and designs to suit your garden.

Our fences are physically woven on site, in situ, so that our willow can follow every turn, dip and bend in the landscape as closely as possible, resulting in a completely tailormade piece. Each installation is bespoke and unique to
the setting.

willow wall topper
willow fence in suffolk garden

The Brampton Willows Weave

At Brampton Willows we have been working tirelessly to craft and perfect our signature weave. The Brampton Willows Weave is a unique method and results in the finest, most durable willow fences and willow products.

Our fences are constructed using small bands of willow which are woven and compressed regularly as the structure is crafted. Although the Brampton Willows Weave uses more willow than a standard willow fence and is a little more time consuming to create, the end result is a much finer finish and ultimately a stronger, more durable and longer lasting willow fence. We really think it’s worth going the extra mile to give the best possible finish.

As well as the Brampton Willows Weave, our trademark decorative border helps us stand out from our competitors. This is not only a beautiful way to finish our fences, it also acts as a protective ‘cap’ and helps to protect the rest of the structure from the elements. The border is replaceable and this simple job gives our fences a new lease of life whilst maintaining that protection.

curved willow fence
close up view of willow weave
Close up view of willow weave
Natural Willow Fencing Norfolk
Bespoke natural fencing
Willow fence close up
Willow woven fence in front of whitewashed suffolk home
Willow fencing in a Suffolk garden
Willow fence topper in Norfolk garden
Willow fence topper in Norfolk garden
Willow portal arch in Norfolk garden