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About Brampton Willows

Based in the idyllic Suffolk countryside, we supply the finest willow fences, sculptures, garden structures and accessories to the East of England and further afield. There is nothing quite like a Brampton Willows Fence. We have been fine-tuning our craft for almost 40 years and are widely considered one of the UK’s finest natural fencing companies.

Our History

Brampton Willows is based in the beautiful Suffolk countryside and was started by Robert Yates in 1988 and owned by him for around 30 years. Robert trained and qualified as a Chartered Surveyor before returning to the family farm at Brampton in 1985. He started growing willow as an experimental crop to sell to a local basket maker. He soon began to weave the willow himself and set up Brampton Willows in 1988 specialising in designing and making bespoke willow products, mainly for the garden but also making cross-country obstacles for top international horse trials including Badminton and Burghley.

Louis Champain, who runs an award-winning Suffolk based garden design and landscaping company, Champain Landscapes, had been working with Brampton Willows on garden projects for some time. He was really taken with the business and was very fortunate to be able to purchase the company from Robert in late 2019. He also inherited an incredibly skilled team of craftspeople along with the business.

We are very lucky to be able to continue to source the majority of our willow from that original farm started by Robert all those years ago. This helps to ensure that our process continues to be beautifully simple, local, and sustainable.

willow harvesting in suffolk

How We Work - The Brampton Willows Weave

There’s nothing quite like a Brampton Willows fence. At Brampton Willows we have been working tirelessly to craft and perfect our signature weave. The Brampton Willows Weave is our very own method of willow crafting and results in the finest, most durable willow fences and willow products.

Our fences are constructed using small bands of willow which are woven and compressed regularly as the structure is crafted. Our signature weave uses up to twice as much willow as a standard willow fence and although it is a little more time consuming to create, the end result is a much finer finish and ultimately a stronger, more durable and longer lasting willow fence. We really think it’s worth going that extra mile.

As well as the Brampton Willows Weave, our trademark decorative border helps us stand out from our competitors. This is not only a beautiful way to finish our fences, it also acts as a protective ‘cap’ to help to protect the rest of the structure from the elements. The border is replaceable and this simple job gives our fences a new lease of life whilst maintaining that protection.

close up view of woven willow fence
Willow harvesting in progress

Simple, Local and Sustainable

Willow is an incredible natural material, it’s not only beautiful and practical but it’s also sustainable and renewable. Most of our willow comes from the local farm in Brampton where the willow has been farmed since the 80’s. And as it’s grown locally in Suffolk it doesn’t travel very far, so it has a very gentle carbon footprint. Any additional willow we use is all sourced from Somerset, a well recognised willow producing region.

There’s virtually no processing required before we begin working with the willow. Freshly cut ‘green’ willow can be weaved straight into a fence or structure, and the cut willow that we store just needs a good soak before it’s ready to weave. We try to be careful and considerate about how we work, and wherever possible keep our impact on the natural environment to a minimum.

Willow weaving has been around since Medieval times, possibly long before, and has a very special place in the cultural heritage of the UK. It’s very much a dying art these days, with a dwindling number of willow growers in the UK and ever fewer skilled weavers. We are very proud to be keeping this tradition alive in Suffolk and able to contribute in a small way to the continuation of this beautiful craft and the training of the skilled willow weavers of the future.

willow bundles leaning against a tree
close up of willow with dew drops
close up of willow bundles after harvesting

Our Team

Brampton Willows is a small team of highly skilled and talented craftspeople who have broad and extensive experience working with willow. We share an office with our sister company Champain Landscapes and full office support is available to ensure every project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Over the years our skilled team have proved just how versatile willow can be. We love a challenge and will always be happy to discuss any ideas you may have. Let your imagination put our talented team to the test, you won’t be disappointed!

Louis Champain

DirectorLouis Champain

Cameron Meadows

Senior Site SupervisorCameron Meadows

Charlie Bailey

WeaverCharlie Bailey

Danny Gibson

Trainee Danny Gibson

Sam Clinch

Operations ManagerSam Clinch

Tom Haddingham

Experienced WeaverTom Haddingham

Michael Cullum

Contracts AssistantMichael Cullum

Jim McDonald

Yardsman Jim McDonald

Lucy Pask

Group Finance & Strategy ManagerLucy Pask

Alex Noble

WeaverAlex Noble

Kezia Bayfield

Accounts Assistant Kezia Bayfield


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