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Aside from being used in traditional products such as fencing, furniture and garden products, willow is a wonderfully versatile product which can be used in many unique ways. All our work has an integral steel frame within the willow work to provide the structural strength, and our structures and bridges have a hardwood floor secured to a steel-framed base.


They are, therefore, built to last. Come and talk to us and let us design the structure of your dreams.








Gates for every situation.





The Chelsea Flower Show

Over the years Brampton Willows' work at the Chelsea Flower Show has demonstrated just how seamlessly willow blends in with all garden designs, traditional and contemporary.


The Chelsea Flower ShowThe Chelsea Flower ShowThe Chelsea Flower Show




Can you imagine anything more breath-taking than a folly crowned with copper? With the summer sun casting a golden glow off its graceful curves, your folly will be the jewel of your garden.










More Bespoke Works

Various challenging jobs we have done over the years including a sculptural arch and 'swirl' for a prestigious job near London, a formal vegetable garden under construction, our talented craftsmen, Darren Jordan and Glyn Gray constructing a gazebo and an imaginative answer to disguising a septic tank!


Weybridge Retirement HomeWeybridge Retirement HomeBespoke



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